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I have been an aspiring artist for the past fifteen years.

As a middle school principal I was invited into the art class of eighth grade students.  Observing the demonstrations of a gifted teacher, Patti Owen, and seeing the remarkable work of the students, I came home and found myself becoming a student at my kitchen table! What I observed in class, I tried at home. I found a new way of looking at life, at the world, at myself. Hmmmm! I was not only a structured principal but an open one. 

In an art gallery I observed Marian Dunn’s work. I thought, “I love this watercolor! I wonder who she is.” I called her and her welcoming personality was evident in her lively conversation. Fortune had it that she was beginning an evening class---a studio class so that every student worked on his/her personal choices. Marian is the perfect teacher for adult learners who have varying needs. Classmates are a gift to each other and all aspiring artists.

I love to sketch, to paint the same things in several different ways, to paint on sight, to write “poetry” and align it with an artistic inspiration and to be open to new ideas.

You have heard the open ended phrase: I am happiest when. . .  My response always includes painting. It lifts me up, makes me feel extended from the ordinary and helps me connect with another dimension of being.