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Irene Rampton


Raised and educated in Salt Lake City, Utah, Irene Rampton is a graduate of Commercial Art, with an emphasis on illustration.  Later studies include figure painting, conception, and portrait work.  Irene has also studied under highly respected instructors in workshop environments around the country.

Her career as a freelance artist has allowed her to develop an abundance of styles and techniques to fulfill client expectations. Irene has capitalized on that experience to create refreshing and unique fine art. Using watercolor and acrylic, her paintings vary from mildly representational to gently elusive abstractions.  She strives to employ a non-objective feel, which combines solid composition with loose application.

Irene’s work has been juried into many prestigious exhibitions where she has received notable awards, including Best of Show, four times.  She is a Signature Member of the Utah Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.