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Colleen Reynolds


Colleen Reynolds is an award winning watercolor artist and teacher, who has inspired art connoisseurs and students from around the world. In her art, Colleen seeks to capture the emotion and soul of the every day. Her artwork reflects many years of taking notice of life, whether flowers, or animals or people going about their day. 

Colleen has conducted business as an Artist, Art teacher and writer through her company, CRB Endeavors, since 2002. She has a Masters degree in Education and Bachelors degrees in Fine Art and Applied Mathematics. In previous lives, Colleen completed a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy and taught corporate, college and university courses.

For more information on all of Colleen’s art, classes, product and video offerings, she invites you to take a stroll through her website, Meanwhile, thank you for looking at the original art offerings here.