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Amelia Ence

The idea for my current body of work came from a problem I am trying to understand within myself. I have long been bothered with the idea that my culture in suburban Sandy, Utah was not aesthetically beautiful. Over time I have come to realize the importance of embracing the culture that I am a part of, and represent it in my work. The theme that I have chosen to work with is the relationship between mothers and children. I am now a mother, and am privileged to be the primary care giver to my son and daughter and to see them learn and grow on a daily basis.

Over time my work has taken on an abstract view of the role of mothers. I am struck by the beautiful ability of a mother to give life to something unborn. Each of us in born from what I have termed “spirit-pods”, or seed-like bodies. Gaia, the ancient Greek Goddess, was the mother of all souls. She was born out of the earth, from which all life stems. In my work the ground represents the place where souls reside before birth. It is a pre-mortal existence which is interrupted as spirits receive bodies through the process of birth.

My process itself is based upon the qualities of my motif. Creating a painting is an organic process. I do a lot of work in my sketchbooks where I begin by writing and making sketches. I use a projector to transfer images from my sketchbook to a larger panel where I layer multiple images on top of each other. Then I begin to paint in thin layers to build something to work with, where I can create spaces of light and dark. My paintings are a process, often I do not feel that I am the one deciding where it needs to go, I am listening to the painting to tell me what it needs to become. This process itself reminds me of what it means to be a mother, my paintings become my children. I may give them life, but I cannot tell them what they are to become.


I attended the University of Utah and received a BFA in Art Teaching with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting in 2012. During my education I had the opportunity to volunteer in several teaching organizations, one of which was ArtsBridge America. In 2011 I began teaching lessons, opened my studio to children, and have been teaching workshops ever since. I also create art curriculum kits for parents and children to create meaningful art pieces at home. I love the craziness of being a painter, a teacher, a small business owner, a wife and a mother to two young children who often join me in my studio time.


2012, BFA, Art Teaching, Drawing and Painting Emphasis, University of Utah

2012, ArtsBridge America Scholar       

2011, College of Fine Arts Advisory Board Scholarship Recipient

2009, Carmen-Morton-Routh Scholarship Recipient


2016, 300 Plates, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

2015, 300 Plates, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

2014, RAW: Awakening, Salt Lake City, U